Skyrim Is Getting Yet Another Update After The Last One Destroyed Mods

Skyrim Is Getting Yet Another Update After The Last One Destroyed Mods

Date: January 16, 2024

By Hanna Rose

Attention Skyrim enthusiasts, be on the lookout for an upcoming update that could potentially disrupt your mods.

Due to its age, Skyrim doesn’t receive regular updates, which is understandable given its status as perhaps the most heavily modded game of all time. Altering its functionality could potentially disrupt a player’s carefully customized setup.

However, following a recent update that caused significant disruptions for players, another update is scheduled to roll out just a month later. This update aims to enhance the new Creations feature introduced in the previous patch.

The announcement of this upcoming update was made on the official Bethesda Discord server, stating, “We plan to release a Skyrim patch this week (week of January 15th) primarily addressing reported issues with the new Creations menu. While the exact timing is not yet confirmed, we wanted to give you a heads-up and will provide more details, including patch notes, soon.”

Concerns are rising among players about potential impacts on their mod setups. In the Skyrim Mods subreddit, many users advise turning off auto-updates to prevent compatibility issues, as mods may not work seamlessly with the new update, and creators might not update them promptly.

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The problematic effect on mods is just one aspect of the backlash against the previous update. The new Creations system, which allows fans to sell their work on an official storefront, has been likened to controversial paid mods. Traditionally, the Bethesda modding community has shared its work for free on platforms like Nexus Mods. The shift to selling creations through Bethesda’s platform means the company takes a share of the sales. Despite initial criticism, the current implementation is less contentious, possibly because Bethesda moderates the content on the Creations menu, in contrast to the unregulated environment when paid mods were first introduced.

Many players express a preference for Bethesda to refrain from further updates to Skyrim due to the potential disruptions caused. It’s uncommon for a single-player game to receive support over a decade after its launch (12 years in this case). Nevertheless, given the ongoing activity within the modding community, it seems likely that Bethesda will continue to provide support for a while, even with their focus on projects like Starfield.

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