Sonic’s Christmas Present To Amy This Year Is Yet Another Friendzoning

Sonic's Christmas Present To Amy This Year Is Yet Another Friendzoning

Date: December 25, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Just when you thought Frontiers advanced Sonic and Amy’s relationship, here comes Tails Tube to let it all down again.

Sonic’s Christmas gesture to Amy Rose this year is particularly harsh. He took her heart-shaped picture frame and used it as an opportunity to once again assert their friendship, reinforcing the friendzone dynamic.

Since Amy’s introduction to the Sonic the Hedgehog series, her one-sided crush on the Blue Blur has been evident. However, recent years have hinted at Sonic softening towards her, especially in Sonic Frontiers, where he appears to reciprocate her romantic feelings.

Fans hopeful for Sonic’s character development may be disappointed, as the latest holiday episode of Tails Tube takes a step back. Titled “Surprise Gift Exchange Bonanza,” the episode features Tails, Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow, and E-123 Omega exchanging presents to celebrate Christmas.

The exchange begins with Knuckles giving E-123 Omega a rock and Sonic gifting Knuckles a Chilli Dogs gift card. Everything seems normal until Sonic’s turn to receive a gift from Amy. She presents him with a heart-shaped photo frame containing a picture of herself. However, instead of accepting the heartfelt gesture, Sonic decides to publicly friendzone Amy by replacing her photo with one of Sonic and Tails pranking Eggman. Amy, quick to recover, brushes it off, wishes him a merry Christmas, and moves on.

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The remaining gift exchanges are equally underwhelming, with Omega giving Amy a destroyed badnik, and Rouge selfishly gifting herself. It appears the Sonic gang could use some improvement in both gift-giving and expressing their true feelings, especially Sonic himself.

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