Sonic’s Super Shadow, Ring Scatter, And More Funko Pops Up For Pre-Order

Sonic's Super Shadow, Ring Scatter, And More Funko Pops Up For Pre-Order

Date: December 28, 2023

By Hanna Rose

A new line of Sonic Funko Pops launching in 2024 are now available for pre-order.

Sonic the Hedgehog is set to commence a bustling 2024, expanding his Funko Pop! collection with new additions for him and his friends. As 2023 draws to a close, the recently unveiled figures, including Super Shadow, Metal Sonic, and Ring Scatter Sonic, are now available for pre-order. While eager fans can secure their orders now, the anticipated delivery date extends to at least the end of February.

For enthusiasts eyeing the Shadow and Super Shadow two-pack that generated buzz online earlier this month, GameStop is the exclusive destination. These Pops are solely offered as a pair, emphasizing the Shadow and Super Shadow combination. Additionally, Amy, Metal Sonic, Ring Scatter Sonic, and Dr. Eggman’s Funko Pop! ride are all up for grabs at GameStop, slated for release on February 26, except for Ring Scatter Sonic, which is expected on April 10.

The lone figure from the latest Sonic Pop selection launching in April is the Super Sonic Funko. Featuring a new design for the blue blur fueled by Chaos Emeralds, this item is open for pre-orders through the provided links. Other Sonic Pops revealed earlier this month are accessible at various retailers, with the Shadow and Super Shadow two-pack being the exclusive offering tied to a specific store.

Funko Pops are not the sole Sonic merchandise to kick off the year 2024. The Shadow’s Escape Lego set is already on the market, while the Knuckles Guardian set is scheduled for release on New Year’s Day, marking Knuckles’ Lego debut and introducing the first-ever Rouge Minifigure with a mech bat.

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The joint emphasis on Sonic in the Lego and Funko Pop! realms is not coincidental. Despite the absence of announced Sonic games for 2024, it is poised to be a significant year for the hedgehog and his companions. Knuckles’ TV show will premiere on Paramount, Sonic Prime season three will hit Netflix, and Sonic 3 will grace cinemas in December.

Whether you’re into Funko Pops or Lego sets, 2024 promises exciting Sonic-themed merchandise. Keep in mind that TheGamer has affiliate and sponsored partnerships, and your purchases through our links contribute to our revenue without affecting the prices you pay. Your support helps us provide the best product recommendations.

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