Spider-Man 2 Fans Are Disappointed With Venom’s Boss Battle

Spider-Man 2 Fans Are Disappointed With Venom's Boss Battle

Date: October 25, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Venom is a great addition to Insomniac’s big roster of baddies, but a lot of fans are a bit disappointed with Spider-Man 2’s final showdown.

Now that fans have had their hands on copies of Spider-Man 2 for a few days, discussions about the game’s final moments are gaining momentum. The excitement builds towards the concluding hours of the game, leading up to an eagerly anticipated showdown with Venom, a showdown that Insomniac has been teasing for years. If you’re worried about spoilers, this is your last chance to look away.

Regrettably, the climactic battle against Venom himself appears to have left some players feeling a bit underwhelmed. Social media has become a platform for their disappointment. It all started with a Twitter user named Will, who pointed out that the concept art and trailers for Spider-Man 2 had suggested an epic city-spanning battle for the fate of the city.

Those who have completed Spider-Man 2 know that the final confrontation with Venom takes place in a couple of relatively confined areas. One is the floating ruins of Peter and Harry’s old high school, and the other is the dilapidated Emily May Foundation. After a brief skirmish at the high school, the fight abruptly shifts to the Emily May Foundation, thanks to Venom’s unexpected ability to sprout wings.

While both locations carry thematic significance, as they are important to both Peter and Harry, Will and many other fans feel that these settings lack excitement. For instance, Will expressed a desire for Insomniac to incorporate a chase sequence in which Peter lures Venom away from the main battleground or leads him to the Emily May Foundation. These moments could have been ideal for thrilling web-swinging chase sequences, but they were curiously absent.

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Other fans echo these sentiments in the replies to the tweet. Some are content with what they received but admit to feeling somewhat underwhelmed considering the extensive buildup. Additionally, there’s a prevailing sentiment that Venom enters the story too late for some players, as a significant portion of the game focuses on Peter’s interaction with the symbiote rather than confronting Venom as he rampages through New York.

Hopefully, those longing for more intense Venom action will have their wishes fulfilled in Insomniac’s next installment in the Spider-Man universe. In fact, a developer recently hinted that a Venom spin-off title might be considered, contingent on the feedback received by the Spider-Man 2 team.

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