Spider-Man 2 Fans Are Redesigning Miles’ Awful New Suit

Spider-Man 2 Fans Are Redesigning Miles' Awful New Suit

Date: November 06, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Spider-Man fans are proving that Miles’ infamous endgame suit has the potential to look good.

Spider-Man 2 enthusiasts are taking matters into their own hands to improve Miles Morales’ notorious “Evolved” suit, demonstrating the potential for a much more appealing look.

Despite Spider-Man 2’s introduction of two playable protagonists, the symbiote suit, a plethora of new adversaries, and the setup of numerous story threads for Spider-Man 3, it’s surprising that the most talked-about topic is a new Spider-Man costume. The center of attention is Miles’ recently crafted “Evolved” suit, which appears to be his new canonical outfit, symbolizing the culmination of his character arc.

However, fan reception of the Evolved suit has been overwhelmingly negative, with some branding it as one of the worst Spider-Man suits ever created, an assessment that seems particularly harsh when considering Programmable Matter’s capabilities. In response to the underwhelming reception of Insomniac’s take on the Evolved suit, dedicated Spider-Man fans have taken it upon themselves to demonstrate that they can do better by redesigning it.

One notable redesign comes from Twitter user breetheSHEEP, who shared their interpretation of the Evolved suit through a series of sketches. Their design maintains the original’s essence and style, retaining the shoes while transforming the top half into a hoodie and the bottom half into track-suit-like trousers. Most significantly, they have modified the mask to prevent Miles’ hair from protruding, resulting in a noticeably improved appearance.

Another impressive redesign has been crafted by Twitter user Mauro_Celentano, who opted for more substantial changes. This version of the suit eliminates the hole in the headpiece, giving it a closer resemblance to Miles’ default mask. Notably, the heavy use of pink is replaced, and the peculiar blue elements of the suit are substituted with sections that appear to resonate with Miles’ blue electricity powers.

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karystmania also contributes to the trend with a distinctive redesign of the Evolved suit. This version eliminates the pink elements and the open-topped mask, replacing them with a hood that covers the top portion. Miles’ blue electricity is visually integrated in the form of a spider-shaped pattern across the torso, arms, and boots. The design evokes memories of Miles’ “The End” suit but with a stronger emphasis on his electricity-based abilities.

These examples reflect an emerging trend among Spider-Man 2 fans who are determined to enhance the Evolved suit’s design. Given the widespread criticism of the original suit, it appears that this trend will persist until Insomniac decides on the direction for Spider-Man 3. Many are hopeful that they will consider a design similar to breetheSHEEP’s, which has garnered widespread acclaim.

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