Starfield Fans Have Figured Out How To Exit Your Ship In Space

Starfield Fans Have Figured Out How To Exit Your Ship In Space

Floating around in space has never looked so appealing.

Starfield offers players a wide range of possibilities, even if some actions might be detrimental to their in-game characters. While consequences do exist for these actions, the game doesn’t entirely restrict players from experimenting. One such action, leaving your ship while it’s flying through space, is typically discouraged in sci-fi movies and games over the past five decades.

Nevertheless, Starfield fans have found a way to explore the depths of space in nothing but a spacesuit. Reddit user u/WeirdConcern4666 shared their discovery on the Starfield subreddit, showcasing their ability to float around in space near their ship.

Before you get too excited, this isn’t a hidden switch on your ship’s controls. It seems that u/WeirdConcern4666 used console commands, specifically “player.setpos x 10” and “setgravityscale 0,” while inside their ship to venture into space. What’s intriguing is that it appears this feature could have been an official part of the game at some point. While a more realistic portrayal of space would have players floating endlessly, u/WeirdConcern4666 demonstrated the ability to stand on nearby rocks and even begin constructing an outpost on them. You can even remove your spacesuit, although survival is limited.

While not officially implemented, the potential for Bethesda to experiment with this concept in future DLC is exciting. Some players envision the ability to leave their ship and stealthily board enemy vessels or perform exterior ship repairs from the outside.

In other news related to fan desires for DLC, a recent glitch allowed a player to purchase and customize the space station known as The Key. This has sparked interest in space station construction as a potential expansion feature. Although base building in Starfield may not be as robust as in other Bethesda titles like Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, many fans hope for the opportunity to establish their own space stations within the Settled Systems

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