Starfield Player Somehow Steals A Space Station, Lands It On A Planet

Starfield Player Somehow Steals A Space Station, Lands It On A Planet

Date: September 9, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Starfield, Bethesda’s latest game, has surprised many with its relatively bug-free launch, given the developer’s history of rocky releases. However, one player stumbled upon a bizarre and game-breaking glitch that allowed them to not only acquire a massive space station called “The Key,” the main base of the Crimson Fleet faction, but also manipulate it at will and even land it on a nearby planet. The exact cause of this glitch remains a mystery even to the player who experienced it.

A Reddit user by the name of u/VeganSatan666420 shared their unusual discovery on the Starfield subreddit. They explained that they somehow managed to buy The Key after selling a stolen ship to the Crimson Fleet and then changing their home ship. This action inexplicably allowed them to claim ownership of The Key.

What makes this situation even stranger is that the player was able to tinker with the station’s modules, rearranging and altering its layout to their liking. Although The Key couldn’t be taken for a joyride across the Settled Systems, the player somehow succeeded in landing it on a nearby planet, causing a portion of the station to clip into the ground.

Notably, u/VeganSatan666420 claims they weren’t using any mods to achieve these feats, and they remain as baffled as anyone about why the game allowed them to designate the massive space station as their home ship.

This peculiar bug, while entertaining, does highlight Bethesda’s track record for unusual glitches, from flying horses to floating eyeballs. Perhaps Bethesda might want to consider space station construction as potential DLC content, given the positive reactions from players.

However, a word of caution: if you happen to acquire The Key in your Starfield playthrough, do not sell it. Another player, u/DeliriousDal, shared their unfortunate experience of selling The Key, hoping to fix the bug.

Instead, this action resulted in the complete removal of The Key from the game, along with all the inhabitants and essential quest givers onboard. As they say, maybe those pirates should have thought twice about living on a space station plagued by mysterious glitches

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