Starfield Steam Reviews Drop To “Mostly Negative”

Starfield Steam Reviews Drop To Mostly Negative

Date: December 26, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Starfield’s Steam reviews fall into “Mostly Negative” over Christmas, following award show disappointment.

Starfield’s recent reviews on Steam have taken a turn for the worse, now being predominantly categorized as “mostly negative,” exacerbating the already mixed reception the game received at launch. Amidst the online discussions surrounding the title, the latest addition to the Bethesda series has proven to be divisive, with a dedicated fanbase defending it and vocal critics expressing their dissatisfaction.

Out of nearly 7,500 recent reviews, the majority are highly critical, focusing on Starfield’s performance issues and what some describe as “bland” game design. Many players express disappointment in their overall experience, finding the game tedious and repetitive, a departure from the standard set by Bethesda’s previous successful titles.

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One review articulates the sentiment: “I initially wanted to love this game and tried to find enjoyment in it, but ultimately, it felt like a constant waste of my time and money. Bethesda needs to revisit what made their past games beloved.”

Another player echoes this sentiment, stating, “The potential is there, but we lack the proper tools to craft a masterpiece. Everything in Starfield has incredible potential but falls significantly short.”

Despite the negative trend in recent reviews, Starfield still maintains more positive than negative feedback overall (84,321 vs. 48,169, as of the latest count). However, this represents a significant departure from the overwhelmingly positive reception typically associated with Bethesda’s single-player RPG releases, such as Skyrim and Fallout 4, which continue to receive favorable user reviews long after their respective launches. An exception to this is the Skyrim Anniversary Edition upgrade, which garnered overwhelmingly negative reviews due to a recent update reintroducing a paid mods system.

Notably, not all recent reviews express dissatisfaction, with some players acknowledging Starfield as another Bethesda RPG that doesn’t reinvent the wheel but succeeds in delivering a familiar experience in space. Despite acknowledging its flaws, these players have still managed to enjoy their time with Starfield.

Nevertheless, the negative reception has sparked controversy, with Bethesda engaging in responses to some negative reviews on Steam. One such response countered a complaint about empty and boring planets, with a Bethesda representative stating that some planets are intentionally empty, emphasizing that emptiness doesn’t equate to boredom. This strategy, however, appears not to have swayed the disappointment evident in the reviews.

Further adding to the disappointment, Starfield received only two nominations at The Game Awards this year: Players’ Voice (eliminated in the first round) and Best RPG, both of which it lost to Baldur’s Gate 3. This comparison is often drawn by the gaming community, even though a developer from Baldur’s Gate 3 has previously defended Bethesda.

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