Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Will Have Gotham DLC, Says Leaker

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Will Have Gotham DLC, Says Leaker

Date: January 10, 2024

By Hanna Rose

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will reportedly take us back to Gotham later this year.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is set to launch on January 30, and as previews start to circulate, the general sentiment appears far from positiveā€”overwhelmingly negative might be a more accurate description. Criticism is directed particularly at the cluttered user interface, drawing disapproval from dedicated Arkham fans. Despite this, Rocksteady has ambitious plans for multiple seasons of updates, hinting at a return to Gotham.

Twitter user @greatestbkfacts queried reputable leaker Miller Ross about the potential appeal of a specific season, asking, “Is there a season that might make anyone that sees it have to buy it instantly?”

Ross responded emphatically, “I stress: Season 3. That’ll take us through Halloween and Black Friday. Big sales window. Lots of Arkham nostalgia. Cameos. You literally go to Gotham. It’ll be a significant moment for the game, post-launch. Then they follow that up with Deathstroke in Season 4. It’s a strong pitch.”

Following the conclusion of Arkham Origins, the scene transitions to Slade Wilson exercising in his cell. Amanda Waller enters with her team, offering him a way out by joining her Suicide Squad. While the outcome of this plot thread was previously unknown, Deathstroke resurfaced in Arkham Knight as one of the main villains. Miller suggests that the Origins tease is “finally going somewhere” after 11 years.

Although the aftermath of Slade’s meeting with Waller was never shown, it’s revealed that he accepted her offer and joined the Suicide Squad during Batman’s early days. However, he eventually escaped, returning to his life as a mercenary. Working behind the scenes in Asylum, Jason Todd prevented him from accepting Joker’s job offer. Instead, they collaborated to break into Wayne Tower and steal from Bruce Wayne. Todd continued to work with Slade until Knight, utilizing him to train a militia aimed at defeating Batman once and for all.

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Where Deathstroke ended up after Bruce’s identity was exposed to the world during his “death” remains unknown, but Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League promises to provide answers. Notably, Miller’s disclosure in December indicated that Deathstroke will be a playable character, allowing players to delve deeper into the aftermath of Knight and experience the narrative from his perspective.

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