Super Mario Bros. Wonder Almost Had Tsundere Live Commentary

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Almost Had Tsundere Live Commentary

Date: October 19, 2023

By Hanna Rose

A new interview has revealed Super Mario Bros. Wonder originally had live commentary, and that an optional tsundere version was included.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder underwent significant transformations in its 2D gameplay, with some of Nintendo’s creative ideas never making it into the final release. Among the intriguing concepts left on the cutting room floor was a live commentary feature, which also included an optional “tsundere” mode.

In a recent interview with several Super Mario Bros. Wonder developers, game designer Koichi Hayashida disclosed that the team had dedicated six months to crafting a live commentary feature designed to describe and react to players’ gameplay.

Initially, it featured a rather generic voice. However, game director Shiro Mouri revealed that an optional tsundere version of the commentary was also considered, and it proved to be quite popular among testers.

For those unfamiliar with the term, “tsundere” is a Japanese character archetype that outwardly displays harshness towards others but secretly harbors affection for them, gradually softening over time. In the context of the live commentary, one can only speculate how Nintendo planned to use this concept. Perhaps the commentary would scold players for their failures while secretly encouraging them throughout the game.

Ultimately, the live commentary feature didn’t make it into the final game due to a feeling that it “didn’t fit” and the substantial amount of work it would have required for proper implementation. However, Nintendo didn’t abandon the idea entirely. They repurposed it into the Talking Flower character encountered in various stages. It’s a bit of a letdown that it didn’t retain its tsundere aspect, as that could have been truly remarkable.

This revelation sheds light on the fact that the Talking Flower’s tendency to berate Mario aligns with Nintendo’s original vision. Some players who somehow gained access to the game on PC have been modifying it to make the Talking Flower utter inappropriate remarks. In response, Nintendo has begun taking down videos and likely issuing warnings to the individuals responsible.

For the rest of us, the wait for the Super Mario Bros. Wonder launch is nearly over, with the game set to release on October 20 later this week. If you’re curious about our thoughts on the first 2D Mario game in over a decade, you can find our review here.

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