Super Smash Bros. And Kirby Amiibo Dioramas Are Back In Stock On Amazon

Super Smash Bros. And Kirby Amiibo Dioramas Are Back In Stock On Amazon

Date: January 02, 2024

By Hanna Rose

Dioramas are the very best way to display amiibo, and Smash Bros. and Kirby ones are back in stock.

2024 will signify a decade since Nintendo introduced its inaugural amiibo, and it could potentially mark the closure of this era. With Sora’s Smash Bros. amiibo set to launch in February and no further releases officially disclosedā€”coupled with the uncertainty of compatibility with a potential new consoleā€”the amiibo phenomenon may be reaching its conclusion. Whether or not this unfolds, if you’re contemplating how to showcase your existing figures, some of the finest amiibo dioramas from Nintendo are now available on Amazon.

For those unfamiliar with amiibo dioramas, these are scenic backgrounds inspired by iconic Nintendo game settings, featuring slots perfectly suited for placing your figures. This enhances your ability to recreate scenes from your favorite games using amiibo. Currently back in stock on Amazon are two noteworthy dioramas: one replicating the Battlefield stage from Super Smash Bros and another portraying a Kirby setting on Planet Popstar.

Each diorama is priced at $14.99. If you own a Switch, don’t be deterred by the Wii U/3DS labeling on the packaging, as these dioramas were released before the Switch’s debut. However, the amiibo sizes remain consistent, ensuring a proper fit in the provided slots. Don’t worry about the Japanese text on the packaging; the dioramas are straightforward to assemble, and instructions are not necessary.

It’s surprising that dioramas didn’t play a more prominent role in amiibo collecting. While the figures do look impressive when displayed on a shelf, their appeal is heightened within a diorama, whether inspired by the respective series or not. Placing characters like Kirby in their expected diorama is conventional, yet the fun multiplies when swapping them out for characters like Samus, Link, or Diddy Kong.

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Whether Nintendo decides to conclude the amiibo era or not, now is an opportune time to fill any gaps in your collection. The imminent release of Sora and new Xenoblade Chronicles amiibo in the first two months of 2024, coupled with the reprinting and restocking of hard-to-find figures like Shulk and Smash’s Terry, makes this a favorable period for collectors.

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