Taskmaster VR Is Coming To Meta Quest Headsets In 2024

Taskmaster VR Is Coming To Meta Quest Headsets In 2024

Date: November 29, 2023

By Hanna Rose

Taskmaster fans have the chance to become contestants themselves with Taskmaster VR, launching for Meta Quest 2 and 3 in 2024.

Excitement is spreading among Taskmaster enthusiasts worldwide with the revelation that the beloved TV show is undergoing a transformation into a fully immersive VR game. Expected to debut on both Meta Quest 2 and 3 in 2024, the forthcoming Taskmaster VR experience is a collaborative effort between the new indie game studio, Scallywag Arcade, and Avalon, the production company behind the TV series.

In this virtual rendition, players will engage in a diverse array of tasks set in locations familiar to devoted Taskmaster fans. Just like the televised counterpart, participants have the freedom to approach each task creatively, utilizing various tools and items to achieve objectives set by Taskmaster Greg Davies and show creator Alex Horne.

Following task completion, players find themselves on the stage, awaiting appraisal or witty criticism from Taskmaster Greg Davies. The outcome determines their score and the chance to attain the coveted title of Taskmaster Champion, symbolized by the prestigious golden bust of Greg Davies. For a sneak peek at the game, enthusiasts can visit the official website or the Steam page, where they can also add the title to their wishlist.

Assuring fans of Taskmaster’s authenticity, both Alex Horne and Greg Davies have personally endorsed the game, describing it as “extraordinary, brilliant, and very fun” and “a truly exciting addition to the Taskmaster world,” respectively. Notably, the duo has contributed to the project by lending their voices to their respective characters in the game.

Even for those unfamiliar with Taskmaster, the game’s concept is universally appealing. Contestants are tasked with seemingly mundane activities, but the absurd conditions in which they must execute them lend an element of extreme chaos—an aspect that seamlessly translates into the VR realm.

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While a specific release date remains elusive, the assurance is given that Meta Quest owners can anticipate the game within the next 12 months. Further details are anticipated to be disclosed by the developers when they are ready to share additional information, including the potential expansion to other VR platforms such as PS VR2.

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