Terapagos Pokemon Plushes Are Coming To Celebrate The Launch Of The Indigo Disk

Terapagos Pokemon Plushes Are Coming To Celebrate The Launch Of The Indigo Disk

Date: December 11, 2023

By Hanna Rose

New Pokemon Terapagos will be getting two plushes on the same day it makes its video game debut.

Over a year since the release of the latest Pokemon games, trainers are gearing up for the final chapter of their Scarlet & Violet adventures. The Indigo Disk, the second installment of The Hidden Treasure Of Area Zero DLC, is set to launch this week, and Pokemon enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the addition that will take center stage. Terapagos, a new Pokemon introduced through The Indigo Disk, will be commemorated with not one, but two plush toys upon the release of the additional content.

The design of Terapagos was unveiled some time ago, sparking curiosity among fans who have been trying to unravel the mysteries surrounding this new Pokemon. Observant fans quickly noticed that Terapagos’s Terastal form bears a striking resemblance to the Paldea region’s shape, and they’ll have the chance to scrutinize it more closely through its plush, available starting December 14. Plush toys for both its Terastal and Normal forms will be accessible on The Indigo Disk’s launch day.

However, there’s a significant catch regarding these new Pokemon merchandise items—they will initially only be obtainable from Pokemon Center Japan. After their release this Thursday, the normal form plush will be priced at 2,970 yen ($20), while the presumably larger and more intricate Terastal form plush will cost 5,500 yen ($38). It remains to be seen whether these plush toys will be made available outside of Japan, and fans are hopeful that they might be sold in other regions in the future, especially if they prove popular.

Recent times have seen Japanese fans of various Nintendo-based series enjoying a range of impressive plush toys. Despite their global appeal, certain items such as the Elephant Mario plush and the Backpack Korok plushes from Tears of the Kingdom remain exclusive to Japan. Fans are expressing optimism that, with enough support from Japanese buyers, these plushes, along with the Terapagos line, might eventually become available in the US, Europe, and other markets.

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With both parts of its DLC now complete, Scarlet & Violet physical copies featuring The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero are now on the shelves. For those who have been postponing their Scarlet & Violet adventures, now is the time to dive into the game, especially since there’s no indication of when the next Pokemon games might be on the horizon.

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