Tetris Has Finally Been Beaten After 34 Years

Tetris Has Finally Been Beaten After 34 Years

Date: January 02, 2024

By Hanna Rose

After over three decades, Tetris has finally been beaten.

It’s fascinating to see the evolution of Tetris gameplay and the continuous push by players to explore the limits of the game. The journey from the initial assumption that the game goes on indefinitely to the discovery of the “True Killscreen” at level 29, and the subsequent breakthroughs in techniques, such as vibrating fingers and button-smashing strategies, showcase the determination and creativity of the Tetris community.

The achievements of players like Thor Aackerlund, Joseph Saelee, EricICX, Cheez, and P1xelAndy demonstrate how the boundaries of what was once considered the end of the game can be shattered with innovative approaches. The introduction of the “rolling” strategy by Cheez and its rapid adoption by others leading to level 146 is a testament to the collaborative and competitive nature of the Tetris community.

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The challenges posed by glitches, such as the color palette issue and almost pitch-black blocks at level 146, added an extra layer of complexity and intrigue to the game. Overcoming these glitches and reaching new heights in 2024, as achieved by Blue Scuti, is a remarkable feat that solidifies the Tetris community’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of the game.

The constant evolution and the breaking of records in Tetris highlight the enduring appeal of classic games and the passion that players bring to mastering and challenging the limits of these iconic titles. It will be interesting to see how the Tetris community continues to innovate and explore new possibilities in the years to come.

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