The Cancelled Daredevil PS2 Game Has Been Found

The Cancelled Daredevil PS2 Game Has Been Found

Date: November 01, 2023

By Hanna Rose

A prototype of the cancelled Daredevil PS2 game has been found after 20 years.

In the early 2000s, the game developer 5,000 Ft. was in the process of creating an open-world Daredevil video game for the PlayStation 2, titled “The Man Without Fear.” This game drew inspiration from Frank Miller’s comic of the same name. Regrettably, the project was canceled in 2003. However, a recent discovery has brought new light to this long-lost game.

According to information from Lost Media Wiki, the game’s storyline was influenced by “Elektra Lives Again.” It was set to begin with the shocking news of Kingpin’s alleged assassination, triggering a conflict that would engulf Hell’s Kitchen. The blame for this supposed killing was placed on the resurrected Elektra, even though Kingpin had orchestrated the entire ruse.

A prototype of this game, which had been lost to time, has been unearthed by Hidden Place. This prototype provides a fascinating glimpse into the game’s world, where Daredevil battles both Kingpin and Elektra. The story unfolds through a series of snapshot cutscenes rendered as still artwork, delving into the characters’ pasts.

Initially, the game was conceived as a series of low-budget episodes that would explore Daredevil’s most iconic moments from the comics. However, as news of Sony’s development of a Ben Affleck movie based on the character surfaced, the project’s scope expanded significantly. It transformed into an open-world action game with plans to release it on Xbox and PC platforms as well.

Sony reportedly insisted on incorporating beat ’em-up combat and a grinding mechanic akin to Tony Hawk’s games, leading to constant disagreements with Marvel about the game’s direction. In contrast, Microsoft took a more relaxed stance on the project.

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During its development, the game underwent several changes, ultimately abandoning the open-world concept to become a linear third-person brawler. Additionally, there were reports of drug abuse and missed deadlines within the studio. Despite being nearly complete, the game’s release was postponed until the summer of 2003, only to be eventually canceled. Allegedly, Marvel declined to approve the game due to its perceived alignment with Sony’s vision.

Fast forward 20 years to Halloween, when Hidden Place stumbled upon a playable build of the game. Casually noted and an anonymous developer, who had worked on the project, shared a copy online. One notable issue was the absence of a PS2 license date required to play the game on the console or an emulator. Fortunately, SolidSnake11 managed to make it work, allowing enthusiasts to finally experience what might have been.

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