The Day Before Is Officially Shutting Down In January Following Disastrous Launch

The Day Before Is Officially Shutting Down In January Following Disastrous Launch

Date: December 22, 2023

By Hanna Rose

After one of the worst launches of 2023, The Day Before has finally been confirmed to be shutting down next month.

After experiencing one of the most disastrous launches in 2023, Fntastic, the developer behind The Day Before, has officially announced the closure of both the game and the studio. The servers for The Day Before will be taken offline on January 22, 2024.

The story of The Day Before is a tale of unmet expectations. Initially marketed as a live-service survival game, it garnered significant pre-orders and attention on Steam, suggesting a promising future. However, upon its release, players discovered a game plagued with bugs, lacking essential features promised during its development years.

Following the disappointing launch, Fntastic, in an attempt to salvage the situation, announced the studio’s shutdown. This decision was accompanied by the removal of content from their YouTube channel, with a candid acknowledgment that “s**t happens.” Refunds for the game were offered, adding to the uncertain outlook for The Day Before. As anticipated, Fntastic has now confirmed the game’s imminent shutdown alongside the studio on January 22.

The official announcement was made through The Day Before’s Twitter page, confirming Fntastic’s closure and the impending retirement of the game’s servers. The statement also highlighted the ongoing refund process, managed by the company’s investor, Mytona. Those yet to receive refunds will soon be able to reclaim their funds through Steam.

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Expressing gratitude to the community for its support throughout the project’s lifespan, the statement acknowledged the absence of a development team as the driving force behind the decision to officially close the project. Fntastic thanked its supporters and wished them a joyful holiday season.

In a year marked by developer layoffs and studio closures, the shutdown of The Day Before shortly after its launch is met with mixed sentiments. While it’s not a cause for celebration, many players seem unfazed by the closure, as comments flood in, labeling the game a “scam” and comparing it to “that one annoying guy at a party who won’t leave and keeps making excuses to come back.”

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