The Elder Scrolls Online Players Label New ESO Plus Exclusives “Greedy”

The Elder Scrolls Online Players Label New ESO Plus Exclusives Greedy

Date: January 04, 2024

By Hanna Rose

The Elder Scrolls Online has introduced a new mount only ESO Plus members can buy, with players calling the move “greedy”.

The Elder Scrolls Online includes an optional subscription called ESO Plus, providing access to all DLCs (excluding Chapters), a spacious crafting bag, and bonuses such as boosted XP. Additionally, ESO Plus members enjoy monthly freebies, typically comprising furniture items. However, a recent update has introduced an exclusive paid item accessible only to ESO Plus subscribers.

According to the announcement page, “The Harpy’s Bane Durzog mount will be available to ESO Plus Members in the Crown Store on all platforms for a limited time, from January 2 to February 1, 2024, at 10 am EST.” Trying to purchase it without an ESO Plus subscription triggers a pop-up urging subscription enrollment.

YouTuber Azuraaaaaaaaa tested the accessibility of the exclusive item for non-subscribers and shared a video of the pop-up with the caption, “Can 100 percent confirm they have locked Crown Store purchases behind ESO Plus. My ESO Plus expired last week, and this is the message you get when you try to buy it as a non-ESO-Plus member.”

ESO’s monetization practices have been under scrutiny, particularly for features like lootboxes (Crown Crates), expensive items, and pricing that often slightly exceeds available currency bundles. While ESO Plus occasionally offers discounts on Crown Store items, the introduction of exclusives has stirred discontent among many players.

“Inb4 you have to have ESO Plus to buy Crown Crates,” commented Azuraaaaaaaaa.

“I heard you liked spending money, so how about you spend some money to have the privilege to spend money on something undesirable by 99 percent of players?” responded @Remaining_Data. “They know they’ll look super greedy with a move like this, but making it an undesirable product doesn’t make them look better.”

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“Not really cool with this,” expressed @CaffeineMayhem. “Offering discounts to Plus [members], fine. Only allowing Plus [members] to buy (and we can’t gift Plus Crowns???), no.”

This month’s complimentary item, a Dwemer Guardian statuette, as confirmed on the ESO blog page, suggests that this is not an error but a new approach in the store. However, player reactions indicate that this strategy is already encountering resistance within the community.

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