The Last Of Us Factions 2 Screenshot Leaks Following Cancellation

The Last Of Us Factions 2 Screenshot Leaks Following Cancellation

Date: December 15, 2023

By Hanna Rose

A screenshot of the now cancelled The Last of Us Factions 2 has leaked online.

A leaked screenshot from The Last of Us Factions 2, also known as The Last of Us Online, has surfaced following the game’s cancellation. If authentic, this provides our initial, and possibly sole, glimpse into this unreleased installment of The Last of Us series, as Naughty Dog shifts its focus back to single-player experiences.

While the leaked image doesn’t reveal extensive details, it offers a glimpse into what the main menu of The Last of Us Factions 2 could have been. This indicates that the game was relatively advanced in its development before Naughty Dog opted to halt production, as the menu appears consistent with what one would anticipate in a final game.

The source of this image is insider Dusk Golem, who shared it on ResetEra. The screenshot illustrates that The Last of Us Factions 2 was designed as a contemporary live service, featuring elements such as a battle pass, an in-game store, and a tab outlining various “jobs,” likely corresponding to time-limited challenges found in other service-oriented games.

The exact age of the image remains uncertain, and it is unclear if it accurately represents the state of the game at the time of cancellation. Dusk Golem acknowledges that the screenshot is not recent, stating, “I would’ve never posted this if the game released, but now it’s not coming.”

Naughty Dog’s decision to cancel the project was accompanied by an announcement signaling a departure from live services. The studio expressed that maintaining a multiplayer game would require sacrificing its commitment to single-player offerings, unable to manage both simultaneously.

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This suggests that Naughty Dog has a clear direction for its future projects, emphasizing a return to more traditional offline single-player games. Despite the disappointment surrounding the cancellation of The Last of Us Factions 2, fans appreciate Naughty Dog’s dedication to its core principles. The studio’s next undertaking remains a mystery, and enthusiasts eagerly await news of its upcoming ventures.

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