The Witcher 4 Dev Says It Will Be A Good Jumping On Point For Newcomers

The Witcher 4 Dev Says It Will Be A Good Jumping On Point For Newcomers

Date: November 30, 2023

By Hanna Rose

“It’ll be an excellent entry point for many players, without forgetting the long-time fans who still wish to follow Geralt’s adventures.”

CD Projekt Red has intensified its efforts in developing The Witcher 4, also known as Polaris, following the release of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Although the highly anticipated sequel is still a few years away from its debut, director Sebastian Kalemba has provided some insights into what fans can anticipate.

In an interview with Lega Nerd (as reported by Wccftech), Kalemba emphasized the need to cater to a new audience.

He emphasized, “We need to engage with a new audience. The release of The Witcher 4 is still several years away, and it has been a considerable amount of time since the last installment. Therefore, our focus extends beyond the existing fanbase; we also aim to establish a fresh community.”

Given that The Witcher 3 is eight years old, the gap between it and Polaris will be at least a decade. While details about the sequel and its connection to the multiple possible endings remain scarce, the extended hiatus after concluding a trilogy suggests a fresh start.

Polaris is positioned as the “first game” in a new saga, initiating a trilogy that will unfold over three games. The teaser image featuring the emblem from the School of the Lynx, not Wolf, indicates a shift away from Geralt as the central focus. Speculation arises about whether Ciri will take the lead or if CD Projekt Red will introduce new characters.

Despite being technically labeled as The Witcher 4, developers stress that it won’t be considered the fourth part, leaving room for creative possibilities. CD Projekt Red expresses significant ambitions, with Kalemba stating, “Our priority is always trying to break boundaries.

We aim to innovate and bring a fresh perspective to the roleplaying game genre, particularly considering our focus on RPG fans. While I can’t reveal too many details at this point, our goal is to create an experience that goes beyond current RPG standards. We aspire to surpass The Witcher 3 by delivering a more gripping narrative and intensifying the gameplay experience.

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While The Witcher 4 is still in the distant future, plans for a remake of the first game have been revealed. Set immediately after the novel’s conclusion, the remake will follow an amnesiac Geralt as he reconstructs his life in the midst of turmoil.

In an effort to attract new fans with The Witcher 4, CD Projekt Red acknowledges the significance of providing an opportunity for them to experience the origins of the series.

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