Three Footballers Wipe Out xQc’s Team In Fortnite

Three Footballers Wipe Out xQc's Team In Fortnite

Date: November 16, 2023

By Hanna Rose

In an unexpected crossover event, three members of the Newcastle United FC (NUFC) squad took on popular Fortnite streamers xQc, iShowSpeed, Clix, and Mongraal, wielding shotguns and swiftly eliminating them within a mere two minutes, all transpiring at 1 am. Speedy HQ posted a clip of the encounter on Twitter, capturing the streamers progressively expressing frustration at footballers they were unfamiliar with, hailing from what they declared as the best city in England.

iShowSpeed exclaimed, “Who the heck is Harvey Barnes, bro?” expressing annoyance at being eliminated by someone named Harvey Barnes and questioning the legitimacy of the situation. He continued, “We just got stream-sniped by somebody called Harvey Barnes. Harvey Barnes? Forget you, bro. I could’ve been rebooted.”

For those not acquainted with Newcastle or lacking a football enthusiast boss keeping them in the loop, Barnes made a £38 million move from Leicester City to Newcastle in the summer but has been sidelined for most of the season due to a toe injury. This information seemed to be the source of iShowSpeed’s irritation during the gaming session.

Gordon, acquired from Everton in the previous January, has stood out as Newcastle’s top performer in a season plagued by injuries. On the other hand, Dummett, a lifelong NUFC player known by the nickname “Paulo Maldummetti,” currently occupies the third-choice center-back position behind Fabian Schar and Jamal Lascelles, with Sven Botman out due to injury.

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As the Twitch streamers’ in-game characters met their demise, landing them at the 21st position, their frustration shifted from accusing the NUFC players of stream-sniping to labeling them as hackers. In reality, the three professional footballers had outplayed them in their own gaming domain.

Mongraal exclaimed, “Harvey Barnes just messed us up, bro!”

iShowSpeed chimed in, “Hey Harvey Barnes, forget you,” seizing a final opportunity to express his discontent.

“He’s hacking, he’s hacking,” Clix added, adhering to the common gamer tendency to attribute losses to lag, hacking, or stream-sniping.

To sum it up, four seasoned Fortnite players and streamers encountered three NUFC footballers in an unexpected clash, resulting in their swift defeat. The defeated streamers, in their frustration, accused the footballers of hacking and vocally expressed their displeasure, particularly targeting Harvey Barnes. The incident proved to be an unusual intersection between the worlds of football and online gaming, offering a unique learning experience for all involved, including xQc, Clix, iShowSpeed, and Mongraal.

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