Vtuber releases a Baldur’s Gate 3 song cover so good that even the RPG’s composer loves it

Vtuber releases a Baldur's Gate 3 song cover so good that even the RPG's composer loves it

Date: October 25, 2023

By Hanna Rose
Baldur’s Gate 3 has inspired a rich tapestry of fan creations, including art, fiction, and an abundance of fan-made song covers, both vocal and instrumental. However, one aspect that has garnered less attention is the remarkable music produced by fans. Fortunately, Borislav Slavov, the game’s composer and music director, recently shared an unexpected and captivating cover of one of the RPG’s most iconic songs.

Nerissa Ravencroft, a vtuber affiliated with the Hololive agency under the Japanese company Cover, created a mesmerizing rendition of “Down By The River.” Slavov praised her enchanting voice, and rightfully so. This cover, released just three days ago, has already amassed over 200,000 views, a testament to Nerissa’s substantial following of nearly 500,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Comparing Nerissa’s version to the original song performed by Nariya Anastasova, it becomes apparent that Nerissa’s interpretation is strikingly faithful while offering unique elements that some might even prefer.

At the 1:37 mark, she delves into her lower register, infusing the song with chest-voice power, which complements the soft, vibrato high notes perfectly. This particular moment in the cover left me pleasantly surprised and fully engaged, much like a prairie dog on alert.

In a YouTube comment, Nerissa expressed her deep connection to Baldur’s Gate 3, calling it one of her all-time favorite games. She recommended it to others and confessed that “Down By The River” had completely captivated her, leading her to have it on a continuous loop for multiple days.

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Borislav Slavov’s discerning eye for talent is evident in his Twitter feed, where he frequently shares fan covers, particularly instrumental arrangements. These showcases serve as a testament to the game’s ability to inspire and engage a talented community of artists.

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