Yakuza Fan Removes Turn-Based Combat From Like A Dragon

Yakuza Fan Removes Turn-Based Combat From Like A Dragon

Date: December 27, 2023

By Hanna Rose

One Yakuza: Like a Dragon modder has removed the turn-based combat, bringing back the series’ classic brawler fights.

Yakuza took a significant turn with “Like a Dragon,” the soft reboot featuring the equally soft (and lovable) Ichiban Kasuga. The brawler combat rooted in fighting games was replaced by a traditional, turn-based system, a change that garnered both admiration and criticism.

Three years later, those who were critical finally have a solution – “Like a Brawler,” a mod that discards the turn-based combat in favor of the old-school fisticuffs.

Installing the mod is straightforward. According to Jhrino’s instructions, follow these steps:

  1. Install Shin Ryu Mod Manager
  2. Download “Like a Brawler”
  3. Open the mod manager
  4. Press “Install Mod” and select “Like a Brawler”
  5. Click the green tick

Simple, right? No additional mods are necessary for it to work, so once it’s set up, you can dive right in. However, Jhrino offers a word of caution upon launching the game. A pop-up reads, “Did you know that Yakuza 7 was developed as a turn-based game (NO WAY!?). You’re essentially experiencing a subpar game with this modification! Play the game turn-based if this is your first time!”

Additionally, there are a couple of bug-fix patches available if you encounter major issues. One addresses the mod not working, while the other tackles “major performance issues and infinite loading.” These patches are independent, and you can use one without the other.

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Jhrino also offers another mod called “No Party Members,” which complements the classic Yakuza feel of “Like a Brawler.” As the name implies, it allows you to toggle party members with the press of a button, letting Ichiban engage in solo brawls.

“Like a Brawler” is just under half a gig, but if it’s your first time playing, it’s advisable to experience the turn-based combat first. Nevertheless, as @lucio_soliz suggests, “This is the perfect excuse to replay the game.” Just in time for “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth,” which will see Ichiban heading to Hawaii in January.

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