Zack Fair Is “Immensely Important” In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Zack Fair Is Immensely Important In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Date: January 04, 2024

By Hanna Rose

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s director has confirmed that Zack is one of the most important characters in the game and will play a “crucial” role.

Naoki Hamaguchi, the director of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, has shed light on the significant role of Zack Fair in the game, emphasizing his immense importance and crucial involvement in the storyline.

Numerous questions surround Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, particularly concerning its conclusion and the fate of certain characters. A central focus is on Zack Fair, a beloved resident of Gongaga. The previous installment, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, concluded with a surprising twist, revealing that Zack, or a potential alternate-universe version of him, had somehow escaped his destined demise alongside a comatose Cloud.

Zack Fair Is Immensely Important In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

While Square Enix has been tight-lipped about Zack’s role in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, his presence in the game’s initial trailer and key art strongly suggest a substantial contribution to the narrative. Director Naoki Hamaguchi, in a conversation with Game Informer, elaborated on the impact of Zack’s altered fate in Rebirth. According to Hamaguchi, players will gain a deeper understanding of the Final Fantasy 7 universe through Zack, as he represents the collective perspective of the original creators—Kazushige Nojima, Tetsuya Nomura, and Yoshinori Kitase—regarding the genesis of Midgar.

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Although the details provided by Hamaguchi are somewhat vague, he underscores Zack’s “immense importance” and labels him a “crucial, key character” in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Hamaguchi draws a parallel between Zack and Remake’s Whispers, highlighting their equal significance in shaping the story and contributing to the overall narrative.

“As much as the Whispers within the story, Zack is an equally, immensely important, crucial, key character to this story that I believe fans will enjoy within Rebirth.”

Regrettably, Hamaguchi did not delve into specific details about why Zack holds such importance or how his storyline will unfold. Nevertheless, it is evident that Zack will play a pivotal role, and fans are eager to see how his narrative unfolds, hoping he avoids the fate of The Forgotten Capital.

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